The Facts About Organic Cloth Diapers

Organic cloth diapers, especially those made of cotton, are gaining the favor of parents.

Many reasons are attributed to such a positive change of heart from the conventional disposable diapers, which have exacted more than its fair share of costs on Mother Earth and mothers. But of course, the reasons must be based on verifiable facts as discussed in this article.

The foremost reason for switching to organic cloth diapers is to protect the health of babies. Studies have shown that disposable diapers have tributyl-tin (TBT), dioxin and sodium polyacrylate, all of which have adverse side effects. Dioxin is banned in most countries because of its extremely toxic carcinogenic property while TBT causes hormonal problems and sodium polyacrylate increases the risk for toxic shock syndrome.

Infant boys are also at high risk for impaired spermatogenesis with the use of disposable diapers. This is because disposable diapers increase scrotal temperature with their prolonged use, thus, partially blunting or completely abolishing the physiological testicular cooling system present even in infants. It must be emphasized, however, that there is no clear connection between disposable diaper use and skin rashes and dryness.

Another reason for the organic cloth diaper switch is its environmental value. On one hand, disposable diapers require more natural resources to manufacture than organic cloth diapers. On the other hand, the disposal costs of disposable diapers exact significant toll on the environment considering that these are not recyclable and, thus, end up on the landfills to pollute the earth.

The financial costs of disposable diapers are greater than those required for organic cloth diapers. On average, approximately $1,500 worth of disposable diapers will be spent on a single baby for 2 years while cotton diapers will only cost one-tenth of the amount.

With these facts, you can make the decision to switch to organic cloth diapers.

You are doing yourself, your children and your environment a great favor by choosing organic cloth diapers.

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