Organic Cloth Diapers for Newborn Babies

organic cloth diapers

New parents will have questions about organic cloth diapers for their newborns especially as these are not as commonly used now as the disposable diapers. You should purchase newborn-sized organic cloth diapers to prevent leaks from happening, not to mention that your infant baby will virtually be dwarfed by regular-sized organic cloth diapers.

To lessen your costs, it is better to buy pre-folds that can later be used for other purposes like burp rags and doublers. These pre-fold diapers can be fitted perfectly to suit the newborn’s body and into the cover for better coverage. You will also find the scooped front just perfect for protecting baby’s still-healing umbilical cord.

You can also purchase many fitted diapers since these nappies are better at containing urine and fecal leaks than other organic cloth diapers. You must, however, purchase separate waterproof covers to ensure that baby’s wastes stay inside the cloth nappy until such time that it can be removed with baby wipes.

Most parents also choose to combine the benefits of fitted and pre-fold cloth nappies for greater convenience for the adults and better comfort for the babies. Since these organic cloth diapers can be washed countless of times and yet still retain their quality, you can reuse these organic cloth diapers for succeeding children or recycle them into cleaning rags.

You also have the choice of fancier but pricier all-in-ones and pocket diapers, both of which also come in newborn sizes. These organic cloth diapers are very convenient for night use because of their extra absorbency although you can always use the pre-fold diapers in layers to achieve a similar effect.

So, how many organic cloth diapers will your newborn require?

Since newborns can go through 12 changes in a day, you should buy 1 dozen of fitted diapers and 2 dozens of pre-fold diapers. This way, your baby can pee and poo according to his normal cycle and yet still have spare organic cloth diapers in the drawer.

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