How to Use Prefold Organic Cloth Diapers

Chinese Prefolds Organic Cloth Diapers - Bleached (4x6x4)

Prefold organic cloth diapers are the simplest and yet the most effective diapering system for baby.

If you are worried about leaks, you can buy a well-fitting diaper cover to prevent these inconveniences from happening.

Parents are delighted that prefold cloth diapers are affordable at just $2 each for a good quality cotton cloth. When you consider that cloth nappies are washed after every use, your savings will add up significantly.

You must also buy separate waterproof covers for the prefold organic cloth diapers. These covers are usually made from polyurethane laminate, which are soft, comfortable and breathable materials. Other possible cover materials are natural wool and polyester fleece.

The ideal ratio between diaper covers and prefold organic cloth diapers is 5 is to 2 dozens although you can go up or down depending on your budget. You may have to purchase additional covers as your baby grows but for a few dollars more, adjustable covers are also available.

Yet another advantage of prefold organic cloth diapers is that pins are not necessary. You can either use a special fastener or just let the cover hold the cloth nappy in place.

There are three basic ways to use the prefold organic cloth diapers, as follows:

  • The tri-fold is the simplest way. Just fold the cloth diaper into three and then tuck it into the diaper cover in a wrap style.
  • The angel wing begins by laying the diaper flat on the changing table, laying your baby on it, and folding the front in thirds. The folded front then comes up over the legs for a snug fit and the back of the diaper is tied to the front using a fastener.
  • The bikini twist is similar to the angel wing except that the diaper is twisted between the legs at 180 degrees before securing with a fastener.

The prefold organic cloth diapers are as versatile as can be.

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