Cloth Diaper Types

Not all organic cloth diapers are created equal, hence they are categorized into different types. Generally, cloth diapers are composed of two parts: the cloth part and the cover. The cloth is the washable part that wraps over your baby’s skin and absorbs the waste while the cover is usually made up of waterproof material that will prevent leaks once your baby does his/her dirty job. You can also opt to add liners, which will make you cloth diapers more absorbent.

Organic Cloth Diapers Types

Flat Cloth Diapers

Sckoon Organic Cotton Flat Diaper Liner (3 Pack)

These are the old fashioned diapers, most likely what your grandmas used on your parents when they were babies. Flats are just one-layer organic cloth diapers that need to be folded over a few times and are typically fastened with diaper pins. They are easier to wash and dries very fast but very few stores carry them nowadays.

Prefold Cloth Diapers

Indian Prefolds - Unbleached (4x8x4) organic cloth diapersChinese Prefolds - Bleached (4x6x4)

These are what you can say the modern flat organic cloth diapers. They have multiple layers with usually more layers in the middle for better absorption. When you see 2x6x2’s in the package, it means the this cloth diaper has 2 layers on the side and 6 layers in the middle. They are prefolded (hence the name) and come in different sizes. The sizes are indicated in the color of the stitching on the edge of the diapers.

Prefolds also come bleached (white colored) or unbleached (off-white color). You can also choose between two cloth materials: cotton or hemp. Hemp is more expensive but more absorbent than cotton.

Fitted Cloth Diapers

Sckoon Organic Cotton Diaper

Fitteds are quite popular because they have the look and ease of disposable diapers. Putting them on your baby is also similar to putting on disposable diapers. They have velcro fastener and come in cotton and hemp cloth materials. But unlike disposable diapers, you are not waterproof and you may need to use covers over them.

All-in-One Diapers

Rump-a-rooz Lil-Joey AIO Newborn Diaper 2 pkRump-a-rooz G2 One Size Snap SOLID Diaper

They are called all-in-one because the absorbent cloth and the cover are packaged in one cloth diapers. Like fitted, they look and are used like disposable diapers and they also come in plain colors or with cute prints like this one:

Rump-a-rooz G2 One Size Snap PRINT Diaper

AIO’s can also fit a variety of sizes because they can be folded or extended defending on your baby’s size. They also have snap closures which make them more secure. But they can be bulky and are slower to dry.

Pocket Diapers

Swaddlebees Snap Pocket Diaper

Pocket diapers are also all-in-one diapers that have “pockets” inside where you can stuff your choice of filler or liner for better absorbent. Because you can take out the filler (there’s an opening at the back of the diaper), drying time is faster without sacrificing absorbency.

Other parts of Organic Cloth Diapers

Diaper Covers

Covers made of waterproof materials that you put on top of your baby’s organic cloth diapers (flats, prefolds and fitted). They come in many forms such as wraps, snap-sides and pull-ons.

Swaddlebees Fleece Wraps

Wraps are fastened in front.

Swaddlebees Merino Wool Cover

Snap-sides are closed on the sides.

Sckoon Breathable Organic Cotton Cover

Pull-ons are like regular underwears that you can easily slip on your baby.

Diaper InsertsĀ  and Liners

Swaddlebees Microterry Insert

Inserts work like extra layers that improve the absorbency of your cloth diapers.

Swaddlebees Microfleece Stay Dry Liners (6 pk)Sckoon Organic Cotton Pad Liners (2 Pack)

Liners help your baby to stay dry by keeping away the wet/dirty cloth from your baby’s skin.

More organic cloth diapers on the shop.

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