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organic cloth diapersWhat do Parents who use Organic Cloth Diapers know that You don’t?

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Becoming a parent is an exciting time.  There is so much to learn and experience with your new baby.  However, learning everything that there is to learn is not always easy.  In fact, there is a great deal of pressure on new parents because naturally you want to make all of the right choices for your child’s upbringing.  One of the biggest decisions that you must make is whether you are going to use disposable diapers or organic cloth diapers.  While both options have their pros and cons, there has been a dramatic increase in parents using cloth diapers on their children.

And here’s what these parents are saying about using reusable organic cloth diapers:

Rocker dad, Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band:

“We use cloth diapers for our new baby because I think diapers might be the number three piece of garbage in terms of environmental damage. So, if you have a little cloth diaper service nearby, that’s good.” [Source: People Magazine]

Shawn Bean, executive director of Babytalk Magazine:

“Diapers are one of, if not the largest, component to modern parenting.…I think every household between birth and potty training will go through thousands… If you did a cross section of all the landfills in America, I think what you’re going to see is disposable diapers and non-biodegradable plastic toys. I think parents and families have one of the largest rolls in reducing the amount of waste we create.” [Source: TimesUnion]

Ashlee Phelan, a mom and a cloth diaper advocate turned owner of Green Horizon Diaper Service:

…started cloth diapering her own child because she heard it might help her daughter avoid frequent diaper rashes, which it did. And reusable cloth diapers can be much cheaper than disposables if washed at home (about $300 depending on brand, and those diapers can be reused with future children). Although a diaper service costs an average of $25 a week, it’s still comparable to buying brand-name disposables. [Source: TimesUnion]

Ashley Lukens, owner of the Baby aWEARness store at Manoa Marketplace:

Infants in organic cloth diapers experience fewer instances of diaper rash and are not exposed to the harsh chemicals used to bleach disposable diapers and enhance their absorbency. [Source: StarAdvertiser]

What are you waiting for? Start using organic cloth diapers for your baby now!

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Organic Cloth Baby Wipes: Are They a Hassle?

organic cloth baby wipesWhy should you use organic cloth baby wipes?

So, you have chosen to use organic cotton or hemp cloth diapers on your baby. Your next question will center on the use of disposable and cloth baby wipes to clean up after your baby’s pee and especially poop.

Well, we say why stop with the cloth diapers when you can also use organic cloth baby wipes?

Just like with the switch from disposable diapers to cloth nappies, the decision to use cloth wipes is based on the many benefits of the latter. These benefits include:

• Lower financial costs since cloth wipes can be reused again and again after proper cleaning. Now, contrast that with buying cans and cans of disposable wipes that can make a big dent on the budget.
• Lesser inconveniences as cloth wipes are always available for use and it is not necessary to make a trip to the garbage can every so often.
• Disposable wipes are not as effective at cleaning pee and poop as cloth wipes. Plus, it can be messy since poop can penetrate through the thin material of disposable wipes.
• The environment will benefit more from organic cloth baby wipes since lesser number of disposable wipes is getting dumped on landfills and flushed down toilets.
• Baby’s skin is more protected since organic cloth baby wipes have little to no chemicals in them.

So, are organic cloth baby wipes a hassle?

The answer is definitely not considering all of the above -entioned benefits. Yes, your laundry load will be added with the cloth wipes but since these are small cloths, you will hardly notice the increase.

organic cloth baby wipesmay seem too expensive for many parents. It is better to use baby wash cloths instead since these are more affordable, easier to clean and friendlier on the conscience should you choose to throw them away after so many uses. But overall, organic cloth baby wipes are the best companion for organic cloth diapers.

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